It is true. You can’t do it for them….If you don’t agree with this, it can be a good source of frustration, certainly for yourself and for your organization.

“You know, We’re doing all this for you, come on, why aren’t you your life around? We can only provide the opportunity and support.” This is a common grouse with many first time social entrepreneurs. Like first time parents passionate to bring-up their kids in a great way, this is natural.

The fact is – the world existed before you embarked on this journey and will continue to exist – in its own natural way. To bring up a change, we volunteered to do this, for whatever drove us to this,  it is important that we change first. Like a purely for-profit business that is started with a purpose of making wealth for its stakeholders, social enterprise is also an organization born by the interest of a few passionate folks like you. It is important that you take every step required to make any business successful, more diligently here.

You surely can’t make people change – but you can show how they can and what will happen if they did! We are just trying to find and place puzzle pieces to see a dream of equality in this world – purely voluntarily! Live your dream and let others do the same!