Raghunandan, a young lad, in his twenties from Doddaballapur, used to lead a life of struggle.  With no earning members except his father, who is a tailor, he had to quickly support his family of 3 sisters and parents. He was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English that he could not complete. All through school, he studied in the Kannada medium, which made it difficult for him to cope up during his undergrad years. At this point in his life, he read about Unnati in a newspaper article and joined its 16th batch.  Raghunandan joined SLK BPO Services back in 2013. Today he has moved on to HR roles in the same organization; earns a decent income and leads a much improved quality of life.

There are numerous such stories of young men and women who have given a new meaning to their lives.

Laxmi's experiences at Unnati
Testimonial of a trainee (click to enlarge)

They have equipped themselves with essential life skills to negotiate a successful path for themselves professionally and personally.  (Find more stories here).  The critical catalyst in this transformation is “Unnati“.

Unnati,an initiative of SGBS Trust, was started in Oct 2003 with the purpose of enabling underprivileged, unemployed youth to get employed. Its purpose of existence is defined as: “To help unemployed youth become employable so that they go from being dependent and discouraged to being Independent and empowered.”

Unnati-Program-Overview “Unnati runs a 50 day vocational training program offered at a subsidized cost to the less educated, unemployed and economically backward youth with an assured job at the end of the training period. Unnati enables inclusive growth by empowering families below poverty line.  Training is offered for the following vocations:

Core Vocations
Core Vocations

Unnati has trained and facilitated employment for more than 10000 youth nationwide since its inception.  It’s 55th batch has recently commenced. If you know of youths who will benefit from this training, you can direct them to the Unnati Center in Sadananadanagar, Bangalore.  Mr. A.S. Narayanan, Trustee and Director, Unnati says, “There are no minimum qualification criteria for the program. All are welcome. The hunger to learn is enough.”    Unnati operates multiple centers across Karanataka, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat. It has ambitious plans of scaling across many more locations, including north-eastern states of India.

Unnati is a wonderful example of a social enterprise defining a sustainable business model for profitable growth and transformative social impact. Be inspired !

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