The Daily Dump

“The Daily Dump” has brought out very tersely what ails our society with regard to waste segregation/dumping. Waste-segregation has been explained in a very brief yet comprehensive manner. For ease of understanding, the waste types (4) are explained well with mode of disposal for each type. It is also interesting to note how the approximate time needed for daily/weekly/monthly tasks for each type of waste segregation and disposal has been worked out (which is not much!).

Further, we are made aware that organic waste constitutes 60% of the total generated waste. Daily Dump has a solution to tackle this huge proportion of waste by providing methods and products to convert it into compost, right at home and without being messy! The videos on “Kambha”, a product of organic waste composting at home, are very catchy. I am sure such simple, clean and economical methods will motivate many to try out at their homes.

It is also interesting to note some encouraging statistics on the waste-load that is kept out of landfills by “Daily Dump” customers, thereby reducing the burden on public waste collection systems. ”Daily Dump” products provide livelihood to many while grossing an enviable turnover of 20 lakh per year!

Organizations, such as Daily Dump, need to be popularized as they are the real catalysts for “Swachh Bharat” campaign.

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