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Thank You DreamerDoers

It seems 80% of success is in showing up regularly to work on what matters! You guys made it remarkable! Thank You!

DreamerDoers 2016 Masterclass

Masterclass will cover two sessions. We are working on confirmations and flow. Here is the tentative agenda. Let us know if you have anything specific to be covered.  

DreamerDoers2016 Program Details

DreamerDoers 2016 Contribution Opportunity

Thank You, Patrons. There were a lot of enquiries on how one can contribute to making the event successful beyond participation. One query related to possible sponsorship /contribution opportunity. Publishing it here for consideration. All payments can be made through bank transfer or cheque at the venue/post/online. Let us know …

Dreamer Doers 2016

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Why Social Venture Founders Forum

Why Social Venture Founders Forum

Everyday, a lot of good people are starting ventures to satisfy themselves and incidentally help the society. There are several others starting ventures only for the goodness of the society. Both have social impact and needed. As it is evident, starting a venture is easier than running and making it …

Social Venture Founders Forum

Founders Forum