Every business starts with an idea! Social Businesses have their roots in the simple idea of helping people have their lives! In this quest, there are a lot of individuals who have single handedly driven change and have proved to be future shifters for many. Though individual heroics change the course of any empire, for a sustainable business there is a clear need for a repeatable process to ensure continuity, scalability and hence long-lasting social impact.

The best innovators aren’t lone geniuses. They’re people who can take an idea that’s obvious in one context and apply it in not-so obvious ways to a different context. The best companies have learned to systematize that process.

(~ Andrew Hargadon and Robert I. Sutton in Building Innovation Factory, Harvard Business Review)

One of the key foundations for sustainability is the business model a social enterprise adopts and reinvents itself based on the changing dynamics without compromising the core purpose. There are several ways of building a social business model. A simple and effective method is devised and advocated by Alex Osterwalder:

Taking time to build their compelling business model is the first step in cultivating the enterprise!

If not done already, go take time out with your best pals, patrons and partners to review, revive and/refresh your social business model today!