Unlike most for-profit businesses that have a target to survive every season, specially focused social business have a seasonality associated with their business function. Many enterprises that recognize this aspect of their domain act smartly to be effective when they are required to function. If you are planning or running a social enterprise, consider validating the seasonality as a critical success factor and design your business accordingly.

For instance, your organization’s purpose is to help eradication of poverty via literacy programs in a village, check the patterns of farming – sowing to cultivation & distribution. Every village has developed over a period of time the kind of crops they grow and the timing of the year. Depending on this, their availability to participate in your programs and benefit, they will look for opportunities to adjust their attendance based on their time commitments than your program mandate. Careful study of their availability will provide you all necessary timing, resources and channels required to make the program successful. This might in turn mean that your enterprise will function only for a few months in a year.

Using the time spread based on the seasonality of your business, design the organization right from staffing, learning, funding, communicating and rejuvenating activities to programs to offer. This will help improve the business efficiency and the social impact you wish to create.