History across the globe points to only 33% of the social enterprises being active and living on their purpose beyond 3 years of starting. Not every founder succeeds in translating their passion into organizational vision and build a self-sustaining enterprise. This is actually not different from the fact that any first class university in the world records only 35% of freshmen who enter every year to have completed the 4-5 year intense course. Not every employee in a social enterprise is ready for the long-term, two year commitment.

For a sustainable business model, social enterprises should device a resilient system. As a social entrepreneur committed to chosen purpose for life, you should remember that no one person is too important… and just go find somebody to replace him/her. The biggest thing is that you have to believe in the people you are wanting to help. Once they can feel it, they can feel that you believe in them, and they’ll work hard to make your enterprise successful. For resilience, recruit ambassadors, patrons and smart entrepreneurs in your social enterprise – not paid employees interested in manning a clock!