Making sure that the product or service your social enterprise uses as a vehicle to create the chosen social impact is right! This is a tough challenge for any social business given that they have to overcome the obstacle of always having new customers and employees! When you are dealing with a customer, he/she will not necessarily care that you are a non-profit. What matters to them is the quality of the treatment they receive. They are here on the promise you made them – through your product / service. Keeping the promise is the simple ask in any relationship – critical for a social business as the bad experience travels faster than the good – checking the very purpose of the enterprise.

Quality control through continuous inspection, training and feedback analysis coupled with proactive measures of product/service design clearly focused on the quality of service is very critical aspect of the business model design for social enterprises. Provisions for quality assurance at all stages of product/service design and delivery will add to the sustainability factor of the enterprise and help creating compelling value for all stakeholders.