Acknowledge milestones. 

Send out an email or a Facebook post when you get halfway to your goal or when the campaign is half over. People need to be reminded several times before it will stick, and creating momentum and publicizing successes will make others want to get on board, i.e., We are halfway to our goal! This is what we need now!


Continually update and acknowledge throughout the campaign. But the work isn’t done once the deadline is met. Let supporters know what happened. Did you reach your goal? If yes, celebrate and make sure to tell them you couldn’t have done it without them. If no, let donors know what the money raised will be able to accomplish, so they don’t feel as if their money is going to get lost in the shuffle.

Tools and Resources for Crowdfunding

  1. Crowdfunding sites in India

Top 10 Crowdfunding sites:

  1. Email marketing


  1. Promotion and Support Services for Campaign


  1. Social media manager


  1. Real-time media monitoring application that makes it possible to receive alerts every time your name, brand or competitors are mentioned on the web.


  1. Free productivity app that allows you to easily manage and share to-do lists.


  1. Shorten a long URL, share it, and then track the resulting usage.


Google short URL:

Curated Directory for Crowdfunding: