Asia has an amazing crowdfunding potential, it is a home for one of the emerging global crowdfunding leaders because counties like India is characterized by a young and technology developing population, as well as a growing middle class is also one of the reason. Americas and Africa, however, are not far behind. With the continuing spread of crowdfunding campaigns, regulations, and entrepreneurs leading to mainstream awareness

India is an emerging leader in the crowdfunding world, and platforms there (especially in urban areas) have developed innovative solutions like cash pickups to accommodate the country’s cash on delivery culture. With the India’s regulators considering equity crowdfunding regulations, the nation’s crowdfunding outlook is very bright going into 2016.

India is having a high Crowdfunding potential, it is experiencing fast growth in both internet penetration and e-commerce, in the year 2015 for 3250 Projects from India in 19 different online platforms has raised $4100 funds.

Section 135 of the new Companies Act,2013 which mandates all companies to spend 2% of their average net profits on corporate social responsibility, will also help them crowdfunding gain attraction.