It is a big thing. This has to be one of the core values of any social enterprise. Every for-profit business signs or executes client confidentiality in one way or the other. That makes the company provide the necessary confidence and shield that is so critical for being able to survive and stay ethical. Social enterprises with primary focus on social impact should never lose focus of this aspect of business.

In several instances of heroic style of operations, many social businesses consider the impact they create to individuals as a vehicle to achieve more for their own brand or their company’s image in the market. Showcasing videos, case studies, pictures of recipients and similar acts of publicity though provides a huge coverage of the impact a social business is creating, there are chances of compromise to privacy, dignity and other social status issues for the beneficiaries. Additionally, operational infrastructure being too simple and just enough to support the business needs, social enterprises might not prioritize investments in terms of infrastructure, training and other compliance measures required to maintain the confidentiality aspect of their customers to the highest level.

Every serious social business owner will have to include confidentiality as one of the main core values of their enterprise and hence ensure it gets the required attention in all aspects of its existence and functioning.