The Daily Dump

“The Daily Dump” has brought out very tersely what ails our society with regard to waste segregation/dumping. Waste-segregation has been explained in a very brief yet comprehensive manner. For ease of understanding, the waste types (4) are explained well with mode of disposal for each type. It is also interesting to note how the approximate time needed for daily/weekly/monthly tasks for each type of waste segregation and disposal has been worked out (which is not much!).

Further, we are made aware that organic waste constitutes 60% of the total generated waste. Daily Dump has a solution to tackle this huge proportion of waste by providing methods and products to convert it into compost, right at home and without being messy! The videos on “Kambha”, a product of organic waste composting at home, are very catchy. I am sure such simple, clean and economical methods will motivate many to try out at their homes.

It is also interesting to note some encouraging statistics on the waste-load that is kept out of landfills by “Daily Dump” customers, thereby reducing the burden on public waste collection systems. ”Daily Dump” products provide livelihood to many while grossing an enviable turnover of 20 lakh per year!

Organizations, such as Daily Dump, need to be popularized as they are the real catalysts for “Swachh Bharat” campaign.

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Spirulina Foundation

About the Organization

The Good Country Index  tries to measure what each country on Earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away. India ranks 81st in this index, and the glaring outlier is the sub-ranking of prosperity and equality, where we rank a low 116. Malnutrition is a highly visible illustration of this situation, in a country where so much food is consumed. India has an exceptionally high level of malnutrition (2 out of every 3 malnourished kids on the earth is an Indian, Nearly 50% of India’s kids below 5 years is malnourished). This partcular foundation firmly believes that the answer to these problems is Spirulina. Spirulina is globally accepted and used as a key tool against malnutrition by United Nations and Worls Health Organisation.


About the Founder 

Spirulina Foundation is a brain child of Mr Mahesh R V, he has been at the helm of it and has been fighting malnutrition through this organisation for the past 5 years. He is instrumental in inspiring employees and volunteers who form the blood and flesh of Spirulina Foundation. Mahesh holds a degree in Bachelors of Engineering in Bio-Technology from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore.. Mahesh also has a strong inclination towards research and development and has presented many technical papers and posters at national and international conferences. He has also worked on projects such as Earth worm ceolomic fluid extraction and it’s fibrinolytic activity assay,  Biodiesel from algae and Organic Spirulina cultivation from natural waste sources.


Work In Progress

Spirulina Foundation actively conducts malnutrition drives in collaboration with corporate organizations, thus helping to achieve both social good and mandatory (and obligatory) requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility. Some recent initiaves have been malnutrition drives in Sandur, Karnataka in association with JSW, a drive near DJ Halli (which is ironically a slum located near Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore),  and relief work inn Uttarakhand (in the floods of 2013). Spirulina Foundation has also been chosen to be part of Prime Minister Modi’s “sansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana” for a village in Gubbi, Tumkur where they will be working in association with Scania. Spirulina Foundation offers a comprehensive, synergy solution for corporates as outlined below:




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Kriyasheela Geleyaru

About the Organization

Kriyasheela Geleyaru is an NGO that works with notorious teens and youngsters with behavioural issues. The team works round-the-clock to transform the lives of rebellious children and juvenile offenders simply by never losing faith in them. Dozens of teenagers with behavioural problems have managed to work their way past the challenges and settle down. Ayurveda, pranayama and Indian martial arts like Kalaripayattu are often used to restore the mental balance of the students. Communing with nature through frequent treks in the forest is another popular method.

About the Founder



Mukund Maigur, who founded the organization in 1992, has provided the perfect platform to thousands of run-away and notorious teens who have behavioral and attitude problems. He provides food, accommodation and shelter to dozens of children, with full support from his own wife and kids. Maigur is also an environmentalist who received the Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award. With the prize money he received, He used the prize money to take his students to the mining district in Bellary, to help them understand the adverse impacts of a dwindling forest cover.
“Dysfunction in the family can cause great damage to the self-esteem of children. The notions of parental love and affection have totally disappeared in this era of globalization, which has led to a number of lead to behavioral disorders among children.
Teachers who fail to spot the signs only worsen the issue. At the organization, our aim is to provide practical education instead of rote learning. We help the students become curious about what they study through theatre, games and painting,” said Maigur.

Mukund has helped many children with behavioral problems to settle down and obtain a good education, which has enabled them to go on to lead successful careers and lives.
A group of engineers who studied under him went on to form their own organisation in Bijapur. They visit schools in the area and provide counseling to the more troublesome students. Teens who wouldn’t have stood a chance in this world now have bright, shining futures, thanks to Mukund Maigur, who believed in them when nobody else did.

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