Dreamer Doers 2015: Annual Social Enterprise Conference


Dreamer Doers 2015
Dreamer Doers 2015: Annual Social Enterprise Conference

This year’s edition of Dreamer Doers is going to feature another remarkable set of Social Entrepreneurs, Karmayogis and CSR champions. Here is a sneak preview of what is in store. Book your free pass at http://dd2015.doattend.com Connect with us on Facebook : EntirelySo!

You can register your enterprise for a showcase slot by submitting details here.

We love to have you as part of ambassadors to promote this event as well. If you wish to join us, Let us know here.



Thank You: Dreamer Doers 2014

Thank You all Dreamer Doers, Catalysts and Ambassadors who made the Dreamer Doers 2014: Annual Social Enterprise Conference a remarkable experience for everyone. If you missed the event for some reason, do check our Facebook page : http://fb.com/entirelyso for some details, pictures and remarks.

Also, please mark your calendar for the next one : Dreamer Doers 2015 : 15-Sep-2015!


Dreamer Doers 2014 : Annual Social Enterprise Conference