Social enterprises should watch and moderate their growth. Unlike business power-houses living from quarter to quarter, Social Businesses require a firm focus on the impact they have agreed to create for the society in a way the value and the business is sustainable and self-healing – all the time! You can only be as big as the number of people you impact immediately. It includes your own staff, the target customers and the operational boundaries defined by the cash flows of the company.

For instance, if your social enterprise is dealing with healthcare and clean drinking water project, the first thing you have to do is make sure your customers are regular for the check-ups and take medicine as prescribed. You should ensure that they are not using contaminated water – at any cost. You can’t be shy about taking steps to ensure they are isolated from contamination or apathy. The accountability has to be there with your organization. There should be the right discipline, control measures and professionally trained staff to deal with these situations – right from the way they dress, speak and act!

The scale at which you operate is purely limited by the resources and ability to stand up for the true cause. It is important to be honest with yourself rather than building up a reputation for biting off more than you can chew. Any good deed will spread like a wild fire and can grow quickly than the infrastructure can keep up with. So, it is good to slow down, be moderate and remain organic in approach to growth.

Careful growth strategy helps in building a learning culture that is mindful of its actions at every step.