Yes. For a social business the simplest strategy for sustainability comes from being close, relevant and significant to their stakeholders. Social Needs, actions to create an impact and making sure that it is significant enough to permanently move them to next better state of living, requires every element of the social business to be local.

If you are planning a social business or expansion of your enterprise’s reach, make sure that you take only your business knowledge, capability building expertise and financial resources to the place you want the organization to operate. Every other element including infrastructure, staff and business model should be developed or customized for the local need.

Building an ecosystem around your enterprise purely based on the local resources and ambassadors provides the confidence to the stakeholders that you are here for a long-term and they have a hope of living on this great idea, for a longer time, may be on their own.

Sustainability of any enterprise is directly proportional to its ability to learn and develop continuously and organically. Planting a tree in a new place requires the ground work as before, but the nutrients, procedure for growth and upkeep – finely tuned to where it is being planted.